E.S.P. TV                                                   

Directors: Scott Kiernan + Victoria Keddie
Founded 2010, New York City



Pioneer Works Center for Art and Innovation, Brooklyn, NY; Resident Artists, January - June 2015

Recess, New York, NY,  October 1­ - December 31, 2014

Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York, NY  October 12, 2013 - February 14, 2014

Museum of Arts and Design, New York, NY, February 12 - May 18, 2013


Tilt Up, Pan Left, NY Flower Festival, Essex Flowers, NY, NY, July 30, 2017

WORK, Pioneer Works, Brooklyn NY, February 10 - March 26, 2017

The Shop, w/ Cat Tyc and Anna Troupe, Recess, New York, NY, September 3, 2015

Cyc Set, Civic TV Collective, Houston, TX, April 10- May 10, 2015

The Five Live Lo Fi: An Exhibition in 4 Episodes, Kling and Bang Gallery, Reykjavík, Iceland, May 22­ - June 22

E.S.P. TV, Museum of Art and Design, New York, NY, November 2012 - May 2013



World Holes, curated by Jesse Greenberg, White Columns Online Registry, July 2018

Dlectricity, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, Sept 21-22, 2017

24 Hour Drone, Basilica Hudson, April 29-30, 2017

Public Access, Creative Networks, BRIC, Brooklyn NY, March - April 2017

Queens Museum International 2016, Queens Museum, Queens, NY; April 10 - Jul 31 2016

The Future is Self-Organized, Limerick City Gallery of Art, Limerick, Ireland; Nov 12, 2015 - Jan. 15, 2016

Bloomsday, Knockdown Center, Queens, NY, June 16, 2015

Strobe Network, Flux Factory, Queens NY, June 13-21, 2015

Green, curated by Erin Goldberger and RJ Supa, Spring/Break, NYC, March 4 - 12, 2015

FeltBook, Institute for New Feeling (travelling exhibition), Jan 30 - March 27, 2015

Pyramidal, Harvard Art Museums, Cambridge MA, Nov 6 - Dec 31, 2014

Being (the Critical History Project), Storefront for Art and Architecture, Oct. 11, 2013 - Jan 11, 2014

Smashism, Human Resources, Los Angeles, Nov. 2, 2013

op-u-lens: An Evening of Interactive Media & Performance Art, Stanley Center for the Arts, Utica, NY, September 21, 2013

Working Alternatives: Breaking Bread, Art Broadcasting and Collective Action, Franklin Street Works, Stamford CT, October 27, 2012 – January 13, 2013

Where is the here if the here is in there?, Curated by Paul Murgahan, Pallas Projects, Dublin, Ireland, August 25, 2012- September 22, 2012

Playback, Queens Nails Projects, San Francisco, CA, April 24 - June 6, 2012

Intro/Outro, Present Co., Brooklyn NY, Dec. 30, 201



COMMON VISIONS, The Guesthouse, Cork, Ireland, curated by Almudena Escobar López & Herb Shellenberger, co-presented by aemi, April 11, 2018

"Hello, You're On Live", Flaherty Seminar New York, co-presented by Electronic Arts Intermix, Anthology Film Archives, New York, NY, March 27, 2018

Series Premiere, Pioneer Works, Brooklyn NY, March 22, 2015

S1: Night at The Works, Portland Institute of Contemporary Art TBA:15 Festival, Sept. 13, 2015

FELTBook, Recess, NYC, June 23, 2015

Next Week on E.S.P. TV, ACRE TV, June 1-7, 2015

Rebuilding the Temple: A Night of Experimental Video, Live Television, and Video Synthesis, Human Resources, Los Angeles, March 27, 2014

Smashism, Artists Television Access, San Francisco, CA, October 16, 2013

3AM: Public Access Television Now, LaunchPad, Brooklyn, NY, Dec. 15, 2012

E.S.P. TV Get Stuffed, Spectacle Theater, Brooklyn NY November 17, 2012

E.S.P. TV Screening, Silvershed, New York, NY, July 9, 2011




Salem forAlligator Pears”, Drawing Center, New York, NY;


Talk Show with Palmbomen II, Brooklyn NY, June 7-10

Ambient Church with Suzanne Ciani, Brooklyn NY, June 2


E.S.P. TV Live from BRIC, BRIC, Brooklyn NY, April 15th; Collaborating Artists: Kai Baird, Camilla Padgitt-Coles, JD Walsh, Talibam

Lifestyle Guru, Pioneer Works, Brooklyn NY, March 26th; Collaborating Artists: Jill Kroesen, Ben Vida, Ian Hatcher

Daytime Viewing (Prime Time), Pioneer Works, Brooklyn NY, March 12; Collaborating Artists: Jacqueline Humbert, David Rosenboom, MV Carbon, Dana Bell, Heidi Jien Jouet, Erica Magrey, Shana Moulton, Johanna Herr


UNIT 11 Residency Launch, Pioneer Works, July 16, 2015; Collaborating Artists: Ed Bear, MSHR, Jaiko & Benoit, Benjamin Greenberg and Joe DeNardo

SAW VIDEO, Ottawa, CA; July 8, 2016; Collaborating Artists: Emilie Mouchous, Instant Places, Chris Mullington, Maayke Schurer, Arturo Brisindi

Becoming New Objects, Queens Museum International 2016, Queens Museum, Queens, NY; June 4, 2016; Collaborating Artists: TROUBLE, Logan Takahashi

You Don’t Say Much, Do You?, Swiss Institute/Contemporary Art, New York, NY; Feb. 26, 2016; Collaborating Artists: Damon Zucconi, Lary 7, Leyna Marika Papach, Alexander Waterman, Sara Ludy


The Experimental TV Center: A History, ETC..., Hunter College Art Gallery, November 6; Collaborating Artists: Alice Cohen, Juan Betancurth, Daniel Neumann, DataGarden

Poet Transmit, Recess, NYC, Sept. 3; Collaborating Artists: Steve Dalchinsky, Yuko Otomo, Billy Cancel, Saretta Morgan, Michael Mahalchick, Ariel Goldberg, Stephen Boyer, Cat Tyc

Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, Detroit, June 27; Collaborating Artists: Nate Young and Alivia Zivich, Cary Loren, Duane the Brand New Dog, Leslie Rogers and Nelly Kate. Video program curated by ADULT. (Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller) with videos by Michaela Mosher, Bailey Scieska, Kuperus and Miller, Joseph Bernard, Anthony Marcellini

Signal Culture, Owego, NY; April 29; Collaborating Artists: Dave Jones, Jassie Rios, Martin Zeilinger, Jason and Debora Bernagozzi

Nightingale Cinema, Chicago, IL; April 25; Collaborating Artists: ONO, Nick Ciontea, Thomas Dexter and Heather-Dewey Hagborg, Matchess, Mothergirl. Video program: Fern Silva, Sabrina Ratté, Jeremy Couillard, Jeremy Rotsztain, Peter Burr.

Secret Service, Minneapolis, April 23, Co-organized with Jonathan Thomas (The Third Rail) Collaborating Artists: Michael Sommers, Savage Young Taterbug, Adam Caillier, Dreamweapon, Tendermeat, Chris LeBlanc and Mach Fox. Video program: Sabrina Ratté, Jeremy Couillard, Jeremy Rotsztain, Peter Burr.

S1 Contemporary, Portland, Oregon; April 19; Collaborating Artists: Matt Carlson (Golden Retriever), Ashby Lee Collinson, HITS ( Lisa Schonberg), Marcus Estes. Video program: Fern Silva, Sabrina Ratté, Jeremy Couillard, Jeremy Rotsztain, Peter Burr.

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA; April 16; Collaborating Artists: Shana Moulton, Nick Hallet, Karma Moffett. Video program: Sabrina Ratté, Jeremy Couillard, Jeremy Rotsztain, Peter Burr.

Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA; April 14; Collaborating Artists: JJ Stratford, DVA Damas, Zumi Roscow and Cole Alexander, Elena Bajo, Experimental Half-Hour, Suzy Poling. Video program presented by: Undervolt & Co.

Marfa Public Radio, Marfa, TX; April 12; Collaborating Artists: Fern Silva, Tidal Channel, Gonzalo Lebrija, Cashiola Brothers, Rae Anna Hample

Civic TV Collective, Houston, TX; April 10; Collaborating Artists: Pleasure 2, Darktown Strutters, How I Quit Crack. Video Program: E.S.P. LAB

Museum of Human Achievement, Austin, TX;  April 9; Collaborating Artists: Erica Nix, Future Blondes, Total Abuse, Daniel Hippolito, Lauren Klotzman, Sebastian Turner, Olivia Warner. Video program: Sabrina Ratté, Jeremy Couillard, Jeremy Rotsztain, Peter Burr.

The Shop, Pittsburgh, PA, April 2; Collaborating Artists: Institute for New Feeling, Bill Shannon, Come Holy Spirit, Robin Vote

Arizona State University, February 20th; for the exhibition Unfixed: New Painting featuring works by Elad Lassry, Brad Troemel, Hugh Scott Douglas, Jaff Elrod, Josh Smith, Daniel Lefcourt, Avery Singer, Eddie Peake. Collaborating Artists: Peter Burr, Sabrina Ratte, Jeremy Couillard, Jeremy Rotsztain, Adrienne Jenik, Body of Light, Angela Ellsworth

Le Poisson Rouge, New York, NY; January 21; Performances by: Zs, Mick Barr, Michael Beharie, James Place


A Very Bathsalts Christmas!, The Living Room, Brooklyn, NY, December 17, co-organized with Dirty Looks NYC; Performances by: Macy Rodman, Severely Mame, Colin Self, Dynasty Handbag, Lypsinka, Alexis Blari Penney, Diane Dwyer, Linda Simpson, Erin Markey, Amber Alert, Tristan Viner-Brown and Jack Raymond, Claywoman, Rob Roth, Rify Royalty, PeppreAnn, Justin Vivian Bond

Pyramidal, Harvard Art Museums, Cambridge, MA, November 3; Live taping for the opening of the new Renzo Piano designed Harvard Art Museums. Artists: Shelley Burgon, Mia Theodaratus, Mary Lattimore, Jill Johnson and Harvard Dance Project

Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA, October 24, co-organized with Whitney Kimball for the series Schmartworld; Artists: Rachel Mason's "The Lives of Hamilton Fish", Peter Burr, MV Carbon, Erica Prince, Andre Jeffrey Wright and Rose Luardo, No Face Performance Group, Shirley Clarke

The Last Weekend, Wurtsboro, NY, September 19-20; Collaborating Artists: Rachel Mason, Jon Dieringer, Nymph, Peter Burr and Danny Wild, Angus Tarnawsky and Brian Chase

The Five Live Lo Fi: An Exhibition in 4 Episodes, Kling and Bang Gallery, Reykjavík, Iceland, May 22­ June 22

Collaborating Artists: Ásdís Sif Gunnarsdóttir, Kolbeinn Hugi Höskuldsson, Helgi Örn Pétursson and Rebekka Moran

E.S.P. TV  and OPTICS O:O Present a night in 16mm, Trans-Pecos, Brooklyn, NY, March 1; Collaborating Artists: Hiro Kone, Rose Kallal, YOU., New Modern Naills; Filmmakers: Sarah Halpern, Tim Geraghty, Stephanie Wuertz, Katherine Bauer

Cannibal Mécanique, Trans-Pecos, Brooklyn, NY, January  29; Collaborating Artists: Jessie Stead, Faten Kannan, Pharmakon, Angus Tarnawsky, Cannibal Mecanique (Victoria Keddie w/ Willow Gibbons, Kevin Lovelady, and Sari Nordman)

BEING: The Gameshow, Storefront for Art and Architecture, NY, NY, January 18; Collaborating Artists: Clive Murphy, Ted Shumaker, Hayley Blatte, Bradley Eros, Amy Ruhl, Bradford Nordeen


Disrupt: "Model View Controller" by Erica Magrey and Jennifer Juniper Stratford with Renata Espinosa and Caro Pen Rig, Storefront for Art and Architecture, NY, NY, December 17

Amplify: "Six Microphones" by Robert Gerard Pietrusko, Storefront for Art and Architecture, NY, NY, October 11

Question: E.S.P. TV Presents "Just Desserts" with Saffron Eclair, Storefront for Art and Architecture, NY, NY, October 27

Disrupt: A Live Recording of an Improvised 'Ruption, Storefront for Art and Architecture, NY, NY, Oct. 22; Collaborating Artists: Georgia (Brian Close an Justin Tripp), Cibo Matto (Hatori and Honda), Matt Werth. Special guest movements by Maggie Lee, India Salvor Menuez.

Dirty Looks Presents Luther Price, PS1, Queens, NY, October 20

BEING (the Critical History Project) Opening Night, Storefront for Art and Architecture, NY, NY, October 12

XFR STN on E.S.P. TV, New Museum, New York, NY, September 5th

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA, August 8; Collaborating Artists: Brenna Murphy, Headboggle, Time Release, Takeshi Murata, Group Rhoda. Live taping inside installation by Brenna Murphy for her exhibition, "Liquid Vehicle Transmitter"

Modular Solstice, The Silent Barn, 603 Bushwick Ave., Brooklyn, NY, June 22; Collaborating Artists: Drew McDowell, DAn Snazelle (of Snazzyfx), DAniel Fishkin, Mauro Remiddi and Chris Puidokas, ESP LAB and Nathan Cearley, G. Lucas Crane and Ryan Soper, Derek Morton

Magic If, Museum of Arts and Design, 2 Columbus Circle, NY NY. May 11; Collaborating Artists: 3 Teens Kill 4, Alyssa Taylor Wendt, Power Animals, Chris Puidokas and Mauro Remiddi, Bootblacks, Leigha Mason, Bradley Eros and Lary 7 , Sameer Kapoor

The Live Live Show, Museum of Arts and Design, 2 Columbus Circle, NY NY. April 13 ; Collaborating Artists: Cult of Youth, Shawn O Sullivan, Driphouse, Greg Zifcak, Nat Roe, Naval Cassidy, Dana Bell and Sam Consiglio, JG Thirlwell, Don Stahl and Ted Shumaker

Public Service Announcement, Museum of Arts and Design, 2 Columbus Circle, NY NY. March 9; Collaborating Artists: Gunn-Truscinscki Duo, Laura Ortman & Ryan Sawyer, Seaven Teares, Sightings, Rachel Mason, Becca Kaufman, Martha Wilson, Michael Smith, Linda Montano, Virginia Overton, Sam Mickens


E.S.P. TV Presents: "Merry Christmas, Mary Boom!", Clemente Soto Velez Center, Flamboyan Theater, New York, NY; December 15. Curated by Bradford Nordeen.

Collaborating Artists: Justin Vivian Bond, Geo Wyeth, Kate Bush Dance Troupe, Dynasty Handbag, Nicholas Gorham and Dane Terry, Original Plumbing, Narcissister, Luther Price, Colby Keller, Nicholas Buffon, Falling in Love...with Chris and Greg

Franklin Street Works, Stamford CT, November 10; Collaborating Artists: Patrick Higgins, Lea Bertucci, The Dreebs, Heather Guertin, Logan Owlbeemoth

Hurricane Sandy Storm Victims Benefit, organized by David First and Jeanann Dara, La Sala, Brooklyn NY, November 5; Collaborating Artists: Brian Chase, Ashcan Orchestra, David First, The Western Enisphere, Mike Wexler, Kyp Malone, Meridians

Interstate Projects, Brooklyn, NY, October 13; Collaborating Artists: Narcissister, Rust Worship (Paul Haney), Black Marble, Haribo, Kirin J. Callinan, Bradford Nordeen (Mary Boom!)

Videos curated by Tom Weinrich and Joseph Jagos: Andrew Strasser, Josef Kraska, Jennifer Chan, Saki Sato, Jesse McLean

The Last Weekend, Wurtsboro, NY, Sept. 21, Curated by Jasmine Pasquill; Collaborating Artists: Alexandra Drewchin, David First, Koen Holtkamp, Mike Wexler

Pallas Projects/Studios, Dublin, Ireland, September 15; Collaborating Artists: Last Days of 1984, Jinx Lennon, BloodyEnds, Gretta Gunn, Gar Cox, Smilin' Kanker, Fergus Byrne, Alan Lambert, Nina McGowan, Alan Butler

E.S.P. TV Housewarming, E.S.P. TV HQ, Brooklyn NY, September 7; Collaborating Artists: Holly Herndon, Lary 7

Present Co., Brooklyn NY, Co-produced with Experimental Half Hour, August 4; Collaborating Artists: Aki Onda, Future Blondes, Jonas Reinhardt, Franco Falsini.

La Sala, Brooklyn NY, July 21; Collaborating Artists: Uumans, Alfi and Waldi, Nymph, Alyssa Taylor Wendt

A Third Signal to a Habitable Zone, PACS Gallery, Brooklyn NY, June 11; Commissioned by Next 50 Festival Seattle, WA; Collaborating Artists: Long Distance Poison, Matthew Caron

Queens Nails Annex, San Francisco, CA, June 8; Collaborating Artists: Freemountan Pulsewave, Anne Colvin, Andrew Lampert, Deric Carner, Stereo Monoxide, Bronze, Joshua Churchill and Paul Clipson

Liminal Space, Oakland CA, June 1; Collaborating Artists: Pod Blotz, Collin Mckelvey (Orbless), Chris Duncan, Marie Losier, Michael Robinson, Uncanny Valley, Jon Giles

Vaudeville Park, Brooklyn NY, March 23 and March 25; Collaborating Artists: Jandek with Sterling Smith, Valerie Kuehne, Ian M. Colletti, Michael Haftka, Rachel Lalonde, Alan Lewandowski

Present Co., Brooklyn NY, March 16; Collaborating Artists: Xeno and Oaklander, EUC, Bradley Eros and Tim Geraghty, Liz Wendelbo, Roberto Lange, Bradford Nordeen (Mary Boom!)

Roulette, Brooklyn NY, Feb 18; Produced for Roulette's Xperimental Love Fest; Collaborating Artists: Grasshopper, MV Carbon and C Spencer Yeh, Tim Geraghty, Little Women, Amanda Long, Sam Mickens


Mutual Dreaming's New Dance City Special, Organized by Aurora Halal, 285 Kent, Brooklyn NY, Oct 29; Collaborating Artists: Steve Summers, Merdian 7, Ron Morelli, Traxx

The Schoolhouse, Brooklyn NY, September; Video program co-curated by Casey Jane Ellison, Aboveground Animation; Collaborating Artists: Ami Dang, Regal Degal, Bruno Dicolla, Ryan Whittier Hale, Lauren Gregory, Erica Magrey, YOU., Amy Lockhart, Ania Diakoff, Clara Kim, Further Reductions, House Plants, Martha Colburn, Kenneth Curwood, Scott Kiernan, Bradford Nordeen (Mary Boom!) and Hayley Blatte (Coco)

Millennium Film Workshop, New York, NY, August 19 and 20; Produced for [Mis] Adventures in Manipulation Program curated by Victoria Keddie for the INDEX Festival; Collaborating Artists: Rowan (Shelley Burgon), Twistycat, Future Archaeology, Maria Chavez, MV Carbon, Liz Wendelbo

The Schoolhouse, Brooklyn NY, May; Collaborating Artists: Mazing Vids, Jordan Levine, Meredith James and Rachel Mason, Aaron Nemec, Jason Underhill, Dana Bell's "A Delicate Balance" w/ Meg Clixby, Kerry David, Leah Retherford and Jon Lockie, Innergaze, Forma, Karen Y. Chan, Shana Moulton, Jennifer Sullivan and Andrew Steinmetz, Ana Lola Roman, Matthew Caron, Sam Mickens.

Louis V E.S.P., Brooklyn NY, January 25 ; Collaborating Artists: Kunsole, Brian Zegeer, Kate Gilmore, Elbis Rever, Sophia Peer, Derek Larson, Erica Magrey, Ganjatronics, Colby Bird, Bradford Nordeen (Mary Boom!) and Hayley Blatte (Coco).

Audio/Visual Performances

FILM-MAKERS’ COOPERATIVE 8TH Benefit Concert & Art Auction, Santos Party House, NYC, September 17, 2013

Expanded Cinema, Roulette, Brooklyn, NY, August 2, 2013

Modular Solstice, The Silent Barn, 603 Bushwick Ave., Brooklyn, NY, June 22, 2013

Ende Tymes Festival, The Silent Barn, 603 Bushwick Ave.,Brooklyn, NY, May 24, 2013

HPSCHD by John Cage, EyeBeam, NYC, May 3, 2013

Megapolis Festival, April 19-20, 2013

Modular Equinox, The Silent Barn, 603 Bushwick Ave., Brooklyn, NY, March 23-24, 2013

Chelsea Sound Festival, Printed Matter, October 27, 2012

Kinematic Thursday, produced by Opalnest, Entwine, New York NY, July 19, 2012

No Found Route, Aggregate Space, Oakland CA, June 1-2, 2012

KotoKino, curated by Gill Arno, Fotofono, Brooklyn, NY, May 27, 2012

Astral Erotic Impact Phase, Collaboration with Katherine Bauer, 80EWS, New York, NY, May 10, 2012


Lectures and Presentations

Visiting Artist, Pratt Institute, April 5, 2018

Media Archiving Workshop, Hunter College, New York, NY; Dec. 4, 2016

Camera Club New York Baxter St., New York, NY, May 21, 2015

“A Live Televisual Experiment”, PNCA, Portland, OR; April 20, 2015

“A Live Televisual Experiment” Carnegie Mellon School of Art, Pittsburgh, PA; April 1, 2015

Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, ASU, Tempe, Arizona; February 16, 2015

Parsons / The New School, New York, NY; October 1, 2014



2016 Franklin Furnace Grant

2014 Augustine Foundation Grant

2014 Wave Farm Grant


Press & Publications

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